We encourage all of our visitors to submit photos of their ghost tour experiences.

The photos below were taken by normal people just like you who then submitted them to us to post as proof (or not) of what they captured with  their cameras.

Have you had a paranormal experience during your Ripley’s Ghost Adventure? Tell us all of the terrifying details with a written story, photo or video.

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Your Haunted Stories

A Technical Glitch?

Kristin writes: My boyfriend and I took the 8pm tour. We were using our iPhones and taking a lot of the same pictures, but he had much more “activity” in his! When we were at the cemetery leaning over the wall, he said, “My memory must be full. It won’t let me take any more!” We looked at his phone and the battery meter was red, and the phone shut off. He was disappointed. When we got back to the museum for the last leg of the tour, I told him to turn his phone on again. He did, and he was at 47%! I’ve never seen a look on his face like that before.

A Skeptic's Experience...

Dallas writes: Our family went on the 7:40pm ghost tour, still daylight. I took random photos with my camera around the light house. It began to rain so I suspected the “orb” photos posted were rain drops or dust particles; I was skeptic. When we got to the jail, I continued to take photos. There was nothing on any of my photos except for one image. It was of the back of the jail, there is a back porch that has a clothes line and some rocking chairs. I took three photos of the same spot. As I took the last shot I saw the clothes sway on the clothes line. I thought nothing of it as the wind was blowing earlier but I didn’t feel it this time. Probably the position I was standing in behind the building. I went around the corner, joined the group and began looking through my photos. The first two photos from the porch had nothing. The third photo had a oblong image that was in the rocking chair. The image was glowing and looked like someone had moved a sparkler(firework) on the chair. There is NOTHING that occurred that would have caused this…remember, I’m a skeptic.

An Apparition?

Zach writes: I went on this ghost tour and I took a picture in this abandon house. Sadly we weren’t allowed in there. I took a picture through the window and if you look in the back corner of the photo you can see a head, eyes, arms – like a man was sitting down and getting ready to stand! This was an awesome experience!