She is known as “The Collector” and from a very young age, she was drawn to the paranormal, even before she knew it was that she was drawn to. Her entire childhood was spent trying to explain and learn about things in life that there just weren’t any explanations for. As she got older, she pushed the boundaries of self-preservation in an attempt to find these answers. It was then that she began to “collect” items from the mysteries to which she was drawn. Some would say that her collection borders on the macabre, but to her, these items all contain pieces to puzzles that started before she was born. She has pieces of a castle that is home to 18 different entities, vials of “black vomit” from the cities darkest time, water from the worst massacre in our history, and so much more. She collects these items and so many more with the goal of finding the end to stories that don’t seem to have one. She welcomes you to join her and her collection and together, maybe the city’s darkest mysteries may finally be solved.

Spirits are known to attach themselves to areas with very strong emotional connections, and with a history like St. Augustine’s there is no shortage of emotional connections. That is what attracted the spiritualist Mordecai. He arrived in St. Augustine along with a rush of people from the northern states in 1821. While everyone else came to drink, fight, and gamble their lives away, Mordecai came with two missions: find eternal life and communicate with the dead. For hundreds of years, this spiritualist has come to know St. Augustine’s spirits well enough to learn their stories and why they are here. Now his goal is to introduce others to the afterlife he has come to know and love. Let him introduce you to his friends, both living and dead on Ripley’s Ghost Adventure.

Nicodemus Frost, the abolisher of apparitions started his investigations in St. Augustine 200 years ago. Sadly, towards the end of his greatest discovery, he was frozen in time by his arch nemesis. 8 years ago, he was uncovered by the city’s archeologists and didn’t waste any time starting where he left off. He welcomes you to join him on his nightly quest for spirits that lurk just beyond human sight.

Doctor Ralf Lyre is a man more comfortable in his home era of 1889, Flagler’s Gilded Age, than the present day. His deep interest in the paranormal was sparked, but not directly influenced by, the spiritualist movement of the 1880s, when soothsayers, clairvoyants, and psychics titillated the masses. Does Dr. Lyre have a special connection to the undead inhabiting the oldest city? Find out by joining him on RIPLEY’S GHOST ADVENTURE!

Much like a lighthouse is a beacon for lost ships, Bishop Keith Peace considers himself a beacon for the lost souls in St. Augustine. Whereas some see these spirits as something to be hunted or investigated, Bishop Peace wants to treat these spirits with respect, fully aware that these aren’t just ghosts, but somebody’s family and ancestors. He asks that you let him guide you through like a lantern in the dark on our tour.