Is this town really haunted?

Absolutely. Why do you suppose TV’s “Ghost Hunters” have been here so often?  All of the places our Ghost Adventures will take you, all of the stories you’ll hear, all of the incidents that we’ll tell you about;  they’ve all been verified by our St. Augustine Historical Society – often referred to as the “hysterical” society due to its voracious appetite for historical integrity.  As Yogi Berra once famously said “you could look it up.”

Have you ever seen anything?

We encourage all of our guides and story-tellers to give any personal accounts and tell of any experiences that pertain to our stories and paranormal history.  Not all of us are “sensitives” and not all have had similar experiences, but all of us have seen the bizarre photos taken on our tours and seen the meters go berserk and felt the chills…and…well…you’ll see.

How many people experience paranormal stuff?

Count the legs of all the people around you and divide by two.  That’s how many different opinions you’re bound to receive concerning what is paranormal or what is an experience.  Here’s a simple way to narrow it down: 
Humans have five senses. But many people believe that certain energies are all around us, all the time, existing in a realm which is undetectable by these senses.  Except when this barrier is pierced, broken, chipped, shattered, violated – WHATEVER – in some way.

Are some people equipped with a more developed “sense” for this?

Possibly.  Are we ALL equipped but we just don’t know how to utilize it? Again, it’s possible.  Can we tap into this realm at will, or does an event (death, extreme fear, deep sleep) need to occur? Can I keep answering your questions with questions?  Yes.

Will we be seeing anything tonight?

There are no guarantees you’ll experience anything – except an enlightening trip in the dark in the nation’s Oldest City.  Our tour is an interactive paranormal investigation.  No one is going to jump out from behind a tree or bush or tombstone.  And if they do, they’re not on our payroll.

Are these meters real?

EMF meters are used by carpenters and electricians to find Electro-Magnetic Fields, hence the name.  Live wire might be a great song by AC/DC, but it’s a real bad thing to drill into.  Any steady flow of electrical current will be detected and shown as a steady level of light on your meter, but a quick burst of energy will trigger a quick burst of light.  Many paranormal investigators believe such a burst is energy given off by a spirit.  Our K-II meters are the same ones often used by the T.A.P.S. crew on TV’s “Ghost Hunters”.  We like ‘em ‘cause they light up real nice in the dark.

Should I use the flash on my camera?

Yes.  Unless you want people to think you snapped 27 photos while locked in a trunk.  Flash will not affect the appearance of energy orbs or ribbons.  It’ll let you know where you were when you took the shot.

Can I use my digital camera?

Absolutely! We encourage it.

What’s the difference?

You won’t need to go to CVS or Costco to develop your film.  Beyond the obvious, though…digital cameras allow instant feedback, photos can be shared with the group right away, and it’s easier to shoot 6 or 7 frames very quickly to track any movement of an object in question.  And we haven’t even mentioned storage capacity and downloading, uploading, emailing, etc.